KING-247 Licking the sweat of youth! A challenge where I ask J〇 from the sports club to kneel down on my knees and lick every inch of my body! If you give her sensitive erogenous zones a sticky lip, she will also allow you to have sex with her inside! ? ~Manon Edition~

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Catch a beautiful girl and let's all lick her! This time's target is Manon-chan, the sparkling youthful heroine of the track and field club. She came to the studio when she heard that Spodori was filming a commercial for SNS. Once she is dripping with sweat, she starts to lick it. Her pure white neck, cheeks, and ear holes. Carefully take care of your tummy, soles of your feet, and cleavage between your fingers. And then to the smooth sides... the smile disappeared.