[Uncensored leak] JUL-369 Exclusive for Eagle! ! Compliant married woman creampied maid. Absolute obedience to her father-in-law's orders. Days of breeding and training. Honoka Tsujii

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The Tsujii couple work at their father-in-law's company. Due to business expansion, my husband will be traveling overseas for a month. Of course, my wife Honoka, who can act as an interpreter, was planning to accompany me, but her father-in-law stopped me... While her husband is on a business trip, she feels uneasy being alone with her father-in-law, but day by day she begins to open up to her friendly father-in-law. However, her kindness is a trap for her stepfather, who uses her son's position as bait when she realizes that Honoka has opened up.